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Benjamin ROBERT

Gameplay Developper & Tool Programmer

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My name is Benjamin Robert,
Gameplay Programmer & Tool Developer

Specialized in Unreal Engine

I have been studying and working on video games since 2016. Recently I traveled abroad to complete further study to assist with my aim of a carrer in the video game industry.


My Projects
Enregistrement 2024-01-12 151808.gif


I am self taught in making tools for Unreal. I am currently working on a project that use ChayGPT to generate blueprint directly in Unreal Graph with K2Node Language.

Logo WonderJam Hot Potato

Audience Award
WonderJam Autumn 2023

Logo CS Games Atlantis

2nd Prize Game Dev

CSGames 2023

Logo WonderJam Main Character

1rst Prize
WonderJam Winter 2023

Logo WonderJam

2nd Price
WonderJam Autumn 2023

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