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Zizou, Queen & Piaf


Zizou, Queen & Piaf is an "AngryBird" like game like game where your goal is to make your opponent fall from his tower. You can create blocks to protect you or shoot with your slingshot. This game was created during the "It's not a glich it's a feature" WonderJam so you can also use some glitchy mecanics. For example, you can spawn blocks in blocks. Theys will try to seperate resulting in a massive slingshot.

My Contributions

- Created HUD
- Added menus
- Added game settings

Project Details

Genre : 3D, Multiplayer, AngryBird like, Construction, Destruction
Platform : PC
Engine : Unreal Engine
Developed by :
Guillaume Clerc,
Lori Lou,
Hugo Mora,
Bastien Kotte,
Benjamin Robert
Launch date : Fall 2022

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