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Across my different projects, I have developed my tool making skills for Unreal Engine. I began with simply displaying a new panel and today I am learning how to add functionalities directly in blueprints graphs using K2Node creation. You will see below some tools that have made on my own.

GIF Browser Tool


Browser Tool

This tool makes browser accessible directly in the engine. Common UI has been used to display the browser page. Browser tool offers shortcuts to access important web pages. The last functionality is the search bar which allows you to search any URL.


Package Tool

My project team and I created a small game based on Entity Component System (ECS) with Network. RecktTool was made for this ECS Project. The objective of this tool is to display packages transfered by network. The user can find packages with the search bar and see details by clicking on it. Furthermore the users have the hability to see if the server runs and the number of players connected.

GIF RecktTool
GIF Node Assist


Node Assist

I'm currently working on a tool to create blueprint with ChatGPT directly in the graph. My first step was to learn how to create a custom print filled with what I want. To understand K2Node I have observed the code of blueprint assist. My next step will be to call and use blueprint paste function of Unreal Engine. The goal is to find how to paste code that will come from ChatGPT.

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